Each Moment in Perfect Detail 

We specialise in capturing the beauty in each and every instance. From the shores of the Giant's Causeway to the Mountains of Mourne, Broductions will ensure that the moment is not missed, and the memory not forgotten. 

We offer an array of services ranging from wedding and event videography to landscape portraits and family photoshoots. We arrange the scene and find the light so you can simply live in the moment. Who said taking photos needs to be stressful!

Tell your story with memories that last a lifetime 

We pride ourselves on not only interviewing each client but getting to know them personally. We believe this, along with our options for multiple cameras, enables us to make each product we create unique and special for those involved. 

Declan McKernan

Photographer and Videographer

I sometimes feel as though I was the starting point of Broductions since it was my initial love of photography, which I passed to my younger brother, which caused this whole journey to begin. After recently having my first child, the family aspect of the business means more to me than ever and I hope someday to pass my passion along to my son.

Ronan McKernan

Photographer and Videographer

I am the creative driving force behind Broductions and established the business myself at 18 years old. I have a passion for all things media and to get to spend every day doing what I love, with those I love gives me greater joy than I can begin to express.



Social Media and Design

I have always been a people person so when the opportunity arose to work with my brothers and potential clients, I couldn't resist. I love helping design sets and getting involved in the creative aspect whenever I can, but speaking with clients to find those special touches is what I enjoy most.

Wedding Videography

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Whether it be to discuss a possible project or learn more about my work, I look forward to hearing from you.
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